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Learn How the Soil Foodweb has helped farmers, ranchers, landscapers, biologists, land managers, and compost professionals across the world.

Case Study Library

Over the past few decades, Dr. Ingham has helped thousands of students and clients restore their soil.  We've put together a library to give you an overview of these results.

Case Studies


Learn from decades of success and failure in the field. We bring on experts and consultants to help show you how to make better compost, compost tea, and use a microscope.



Learn from over 6 classes on land and soil restoration. Whether you're interested in reversing extreme soil problems, increasing your yields, creating biologically rich compost, reaping record profits...all these topics and more are covered in the webinars.


Key Accomplishments

How the Soil Foodweb approach has helped others and can help you.

  • The Soil Foodweb approach, pioneered by Dr. Elaine Ingham has allowed thousands of farmers, land managers, landowners, ranchers, and landscapers to restore highly functional, fertile soil. 
  • Elaine's clients have been able to replace costly, toxic chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers with inexpensive compost solutions that can be made on site.
  • Most clients not only get an aesthetic and ecological improvement in their soil, they also observe record yields (as much as 300% in a single season) while simultaneously being able to cut their input costs by up to 90%!  Dr. Ingham's methods also show landowners and farmers how to manage land in a way that regenerates soil instead of damages it.
  • Dr. Ingham's BioComplete Compost and BioComplete™ Compost Tea treatments have allowed growers to overcome devastating plant diseases, weed and pest infestations, and fungal diseases.
  • Even during extreme weather events (drought, high heat, extreme rainfall) growers that use the Soil Foodweb are able to obtain high yields in a short period of time. 
  • Most clients not only see an improvement in profits and yield, but they also see a lifestyle improvement by feeling more secure with their livelihood.

Case Study Library

Soil Foodweb Videos

See how soil biology has transformed thousands of peoples lives by restoring their soil.

Video 1: How Compost Saved a Dairy Farm from Bankruptcy


Video 2: The BioComplete Compost/BioComplete™ Compost Tea Workshop with Dr. Elaine Ingham


Level up your soil knowledge with Dr. Elaine Ingham.

Extreme Land and Soil Restoration, Increasing Yields by 300% While Cutting Input Costs by 90%, Overcoming Drought, Disease and Pest Pressure in a Single Season...sounds pretty cool doesn't it? Each webinar is a class unto itself that will give you an overview of what the Soil Biology can do to improve land and livelihoods. Click on the picture below to view each webinar.


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