Restore Your Soil At Any Scale

 Do you want to be part of a growing movement that is actively restoring the world's soils, whilst growing super-nutritious foods and simultaneously sequestering enough Carbon to potentially stop Climate Change?


The Soil Foodweb Approach has been used on over 5 Million acres worldwide to help farmers and growers to reduce their input costs and to increase their yields by as much as 300%


Education and Speaking

Dr. Ingham regularly speaks at conferences, symposiums, and scientific gatherings in North America, Australia and Europe.  Reach out to us and bring the message of the Soil Foodweb to your audience.


Consulting and Projects

Soil Foodweb Inc. works across the world on projects ranging from parks to 300,000 hectare (741,000 Acre) farms.  We can help you determine how to restore any landscape or soil, regardless of its size or state.


Decades of Proven Success

Dr. Elaine Ingham's approach builds on over 4+ decades of scientific research and practical application of the Soil Food Web.  To date she has helped thousands of clients reclaim their land, livelihoods and soil fertility without chemicals or fertilizers.


Learn How You Can Build Healthy Soils, Regardless of Scale

Many of us work with soils, plants and compost but very few have a deep understanding of how soil health and fertility is built at a biological level.  Why are weeds, pests, and plant diseases such an issue in the first place?  Why do some plants thrive while others are so fragile?  The in the soil microbiology.

  The Soil Foodweb approach, created by Dr. Elaine Ingham, is based on over 4 decades of research and application of soil biology.   Dr. Ingham's solutions are based in repairing fundamental biological processes instead of using chemicals and fertilizers.  With this approach, her clients have restored their land and crops to a state they haven't seen in generations.

Make Compost/Compost Tea Worth its Weight in Platinum.

Imagine being able to overcome pests, weeds, diseases, and get record yields...without any chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers.  

By working with Dr. Ingham, you will learn how you can create BioComplete Compost and BioComplete™ Compost Tea and assess soil biology so you can restore the land to its optimal state of growth and fertility.

Whether you're managing a farm, a ranch, a golf course, or a forest, this program will help you make compost treatments for your land's specific biology.  

A Process That Works...Based on Real-World Results

What truly sets this program apart from other soil programs is it is based in on practical results.  Join hundreds of farmers, ranchers, landscapers, scientists, and growers who have used Elaine Ingham's methods to secure their land and their livelihoods.   With this process, you can restore your soil biology and ecological health, cut expensive inputs, and at the same time yield record results.  Work with us, and bring the Biological Revolution to your land.

Want to Work With Us?

Contact us and tell us more about your land, your soil, your crop and your company. We'd love to work with you.


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